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There are very few, if any, local residents who can remember a time when this beautiful stone and brick school was not a part of the local landscape.

The school was built in 1921 and opened for students in 1922. It was known as the Mindemoya Continuation School or the Mindemoya Consolidated School, depending on the dates of articles that have been written about it.

Mr & Mrs. Fraser 1949 - Mr. taught Gr. 9-10 Mrs. taught Gr. 11-12 -From Wilda Taylor Campb
Mindemoya Consolidated School with school van+horses.jpg

When it first opened, it was one of the first Consolidated schools in Ontario and provided an education for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in the same building. The rooms to the left of the staircase serviced the elementary students while those on the right were for high school. The basement was used as a community centre and gymnasium. The students utilized the gym but it was also available to the community for meetings, dances, badminton etc. 

The outlying areas were serviced by the first school buses under contract in Ontario. These were canvas-covered wagons and sleighs drawn by horses. It wasn’t until 1951 that the roads were plowed and at this time the first “factory-built” school buses were put into service.!

Mr & Mrs. Fraser 1949
(Mr. taught Gr. 9-10)
(Mrs. taught Gr. 11-12) 

In 1950, the Mindemoya Memorial Community Centre was built.  The Continuation School basement was no longer needed for community functions.

In 1960, the Central Manitoulin High School was built on Yonge St. in Mindemoya so then all of the original school building became an elementary school. 

In 1969, the New Manitoulin Secondary School was built in M’Chigeeng and the old original school transitioned into servicing grades 1-4 with the rest moving to the old high school on Yonge St.


MIndemoya Continuation School 1923 edited  (1).jpg

When no longer used as a school, it wore many hats including dental offices, government offices, public library, health unit offices, law offices and a toy library.

Now this century-old icon is being given a new lease on life. A dedicated group of volunteers has worked tirelessly for the past few years to try and save it from the wrecking ball. Recently a number of these individuals came together and formed a new group known as The Friends of the Mindemoya Old School. This grassroots organization has now been officially incorporated as a Not For Profit under the umbrella of the Ontario Historical Society. The Ontario Historical Society has been instrumental in saving dozens of “at-risk” properties around Ontario.

This beautiful and strong old building has so many stories to tell. Now with this new beginning, people will be able to enjoy its past as well as its exciting new future!

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