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Donate to our Art Auction!

Auction Item Donation Form

Event Description ______________________

Donor Name ______________________

Address ___________________________________________________

Phone # _______________ Email ________________________

About the artist__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Description of Donated Item ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


welcome)_____________Medium(oil, pottery, glass etc.______________ Estimated Value $______

I understand that the item may sell for less than the estimated value.

Pick up and/or delivery information

___ I will deliver to FOMOS before the auction

___ I will need FOMOS to pick up before the auction

I am donating this item to be used for a FOMOS Fundraising Event and understand that the artwork will become the property of FOMOS. If not sold in this auction, FOMOS retains the right to use the piece for a future fundraising event.

Artist Name ________________________

Artist Signature _____________________

Date _____________________

Please send a photo of the piece you will be donating to be featured on our website and for Auction advertising.

Auction Donation Form revised-2
Download DOCX • 333KB

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