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One down, Many milestones to go!


Friends of the Mindemoya Old School (FOMOS) announces they have been successful in

reaching the first milestone of their lease with the Municipality of Central Manitoulin.

The lease stipulated that FOMOS would obtain $50,000 for the building renewal project

within four months.

We wish to acknowledge the role of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) in

making this possible. The ACO, a charity dedicated to the conservation and reuse of

historical structures of architectural merit, has taken on the essential project of repairing and re-shingling the roof to protect the building, through an agreement with FOMOS. The

Douglas A. Smith Family Foundation generously donated $50,000 to the roofing project. “We are very grateful,” said Jan McQuay, FOMOS President, adding, “This donation alone fulfillsthe requirement of the lease to raise $50,000 within four months.”

FOMOS in fact exceeded this fundraising requirement, with the help of the FOMOS

membership, new donors and repeat donors. “We would also like to thank all these people for their overwhelming support all along this journey, but especially in response to our fundraising campaigns in the months since signing the lease,” said Ms McQuay.

“We have been extremely busy. Another milestone specified in the lease was to develop a construction plan within the same four months. So in addition to meeting our fundraising requirement, FOMOS has developed a construction plan,” said Ms McQuay. FOMOS has been meeting with an Architectural and Engineering Firm to formulate renovation plans with emphasis on energy efficiency, costs, and renovation time frames, along with Ontario Building Code requirements. Accessibility Is also a priority of the new design.

Most recently, Friends of the Mindemoya Old School has been chosen to receive the

Heritage Conservation Award from The Ontario Historical Society. This award from a

province-wide organization shows that our progress in saving this historic structure is being recognized. “The dedication and hard work of many volunteers and the financial support of many more who want to see the Old School find new life, has not gone unnoticed both locally and at the level of province-wide organizations,” concluded Ms McQuay.

PRESS RELEASE October milestone 2022
Download PDF • 65KB

To Help support our next milestone, please visit


Jan McQuay, Friends of the Mindemoya Old School 705-377-4045 or 416-524-4864 (cell)

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