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Welcome and thank you for visiting the The Friends of The Mindemoya Old School (FOMOS) website.

For our organization FOMOS, the Mindemoya Old School is
much more than just another building to be torn down.
We’ve become such a throwaway society, we often overlook the cultural significance of historical sites. 

The Mindemoya school was one of Ontario’s very first consolidated schools and played a pivotal role in developing the very fabric of what we all love about Manitoulin Island. 

FOMOS is on a mission to reinvent and celebrate this historical building and it's community for its second 100 years moving forward.

This building was built in 1922 and the brick laid was meant to stand the test of time. Its life as a school may be over but there are now endless possibilities for this strongly constructed, beautiful old building.

We hope you will help us in preserving this special part of Central Manitoulin’s history!

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